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As a seasoned Product Manager with an impressive portfolio, my expertise has been refined through pivotal roles at Deloitte, Reblaze, and Opgal (now part of Elbit Systems). With a dedicated focus on product management, I have consistently driven success and innovation in these high-caliber organizations.

Noam Sadik

At Deloitte, I leveraged my deep understanding of market needs and technological trends to guide the strategic direction of various products, ensuring they met and exceeded both client expectations and industry standards. My experience at Reblaze, a dynamic cyber startup, allowed me to dive into the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, where I played a crucial role in developing cutting-edge solutions that protected businesses from emerging threats.

Transitioning to Opgal, I was instrumental in managing and evolving sophisticated products, contributing significantly to the company's growth and reputation for excellence, which paved the way for its integration into Elbit Systems. Throughout my career, I've excelled in navigating complex project landscapes, leading cross-functional teams, and delivering products that resonate in the market.

My academic background, with a master's degree in Systems Engineering from the Holon Institute of Technology and a bachelor's degree in Physics from the Technion, has provided me with a robust analytical foundation, enhancing my product management capabilities. Additionally, my certifications in technical product management and personal branding reflect my commitment to continuous learning and excellence in the field.

With a passion for innovation and a proven track record, I am dedicated to employing my extensive product management experience to create impactful solutions and drive business growth. Partner with me to harness the expertise shaped by leading industry players like Deloitte, Reblaze, and Opgal, and propel your products to new heights.


Explore these tailored services to elevate your product journey from conception to market leader. Let's partner to navigate the complex landscape of product development and achieve remarkable success together.

Strategic Product Consulting

Align your product with market needs and business goals through comprehensive strategy development, competitive analysis, and positioning.

Roadmap Articulation

Define clear, actionable product roadmaps with prioritized features, milestones, and release plans to drive your product forward.

Insightful Market Analysis

Dive deep into market and user research to extract actionable insights, guiding product features and positioning for maximum impact.

Detailed Feature Specification

Collaborate to create precise feature requirements and user stories, forming a blueprint for your development team.

User Experience Design

Enhance user interaction with professional UX design services, including wireframes, prototypes, and user flow charts.

Agile Project Facilitation

Streamline your development process with expert guidance in agile methodologies, ensuring efficient progress and delivery.

Performance Metrics & Data Analysis

Establish and analyze key performance indicators to make data-driven decisions and continually refine your product.

Customer Development Support

Engage with potential users to gather feedback, validate concepts, and build a strong foundation for your product.

Effective Stakeholder Management

Ensure seamless communication and alignment among all parties involved, from clients to development teams.

Ongoing Product Improvement

Commit to continual enhancement with regular performance evaluations, feedback implementation, and strategy adjustments.

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